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Robots to build our homes...more

The future application of robotics may be wider in scope than previously thought.

Tim Hancock, 13/11/2006

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Tico Andrea 19/12/2007 05:29
Hi all, where can people start threads. I came to this site to get inspiration for my blog about the future and futurology: and to exchange ideas.

mkimbley (Guest) 11/10/2014 19:24
I believe our daily works, like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, etc are soon to be done by our home robots. However, these robots are fact right now and you can convince yourself at
fspackleton (Guest) 01/03/2016 19:17
We have robots to clean our houses, to sweep, mop, and vacuum, like right here:

I guess it makes sense that there are robots to build houses now!
DMarek (Guest) 01/08/2016 18:36
While Robotic technology is by no means perfect yet, it does replace hard manual work in the right situations. For example, current generation Roomba vacuums take all the grunt work out of vacuuming. It uses sensors and an algorithm to determine where best to vacuum. I review one of latest models of such a vacuum at

In the construction industry, there are parts that a robot can do faster and more reliably than a human being. It's good to hear that there is progress made.

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