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Welcome to Global Future and Foresight.

We are a futures research organisation dedicated to exploring the future and helping clients to be better prepared to meet it.

If you are looking ahead, developing your strategy or embarking on innovation then you will want to know the context, the environment in which you will be encountering.

We provide views of the future oriented to our clients own industry, needs and language to help speed up the engagement with discontinuity and the changing business and policy level landscape ahead.

We have our own research tem, extensive network of crowdsourced visions of the futre and a demonstraable track record for helping clients engage with the future. We can do this because we come from large corporates in strategy and strategioc marketing roles. We unjderstand the pressures of corporate life and can help busy executives gain real insights and significant value from our views of the future.

We've done this for 15 years now so our track record is out there to see. Take a look around the site (new one under construction) and let us know what you think and how we can help.

Best wishes,
David A. Smith
CEO and Futurist


 The future...? 
Hydrogen to power the future...more
Robots to build our homes...more
Aging demographics in China
Chinese nanotechnology
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The Internet of Things 
The IoT is changing how things are being done. Soon it will change what we do. This paper highlights how 8 sectors are engaging with it and how it will likely change. More ...
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Artificial Intelligence and how it is being used
Artificial Intelligence is made up of many technologies. In this paper we explore how it is collectively being used across many sectors and forecast potential impacts on much of what we do today. More ...
Future of Life Insurance
Future of Life Insurance 
Looking at the issues and future of the Life and Health Insurance markets. More ...
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What's Hot 2018 
What's Hot in technology in 2018 More ...
Innovation in Innovation 
We are witnessing a shift in the traditional ‘innovation’ model. Studies show a failure rate for innovation of between 40 and 90 percent, so it's time to change how we innovate. More ...
What's Next in Marketing 
What's next in marketing and what impact will this have for the CMO. More ...
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Tweet Decks 
All our Tweets organised by topic in alphabetic order with the articles, reports and papers we referenced in the Tweet embedded in a FlipBoard document. More ...
Whats Hot 2017 small
What's Hot in Technology 2017 
The rate of breakthrough technologies can either appear as without end or else on repeat, depending on your perspective. This paper explores what we believe will be some of the most important ones to understand during 2017 and beyond. More ...
The Future of LIfe and Pension
Back from the Future 
The future of the Life and Pensions industry is being fundamentally reshaped by external forces. This report highlights these drivers of change, their likely impacts and what you can do about it. More ...
A Future That Works
A Future that Works
What will the future of work look like, and what trends are emerging that that will bring us to that conclusion? Furthermore, how will technology affect these trends and will it be in a positive or negative way? More ...
Future of FS data security
The Future of Data Security in Financial Services 
Data Security is becoming paramount for most organisations but is particularly important for those engage in Financial Services. More ...
Challenge to Change  A three paper series on the challenges and opportunities in insurance
The CIO as Manager, Leader and Entrepreneur 
Dynamic Lives - Flexible Homes
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Social Networks the Next Generation
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