Future of Life Insurance 

Future of Life Insurance
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There are a multitude of potential futures for Life and Health insurers in an increasingly volatile world. The rapid and unprecedented pace of change will drive out old business models and allow new ones to flourish. But what are the drivers and trends shaping and forming the industry and which opportunities should be pursued? There will be winners and losers as with all change but what should Life executives focus on to make their judgements. Keylane worked with the renowned Global Futures and Foresight organisation and commissioned it to research the broad cultural and technological developments that will create this new world. David Smith, CEO of Global Futures and Foresight worked in cooperation with Keylane to produce this illuminating study highlighting the drivers and trends, the opportunities and the risks of this rapidly evolving world.

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dom (Guest) 07/07/2018 11:04
The ability of a life insurer to incorporate all the features desired by a customer within a bundled product is the key to gaining market share across regions. It is important for life insurers to understand the financial needs of an individual while designing or selling a bundled product to a prospective customer.
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Steven (Guest) 21/07/2018 16:30
Great news, I'm liking where the insurance "game" is headed!
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