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Robots to build our homes...more

The future application of robotics may be wider in scope than previously thought.

Tim Hancock, 13/11/2006

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Meryl Linker 12/02/2020 16:32
Felton Zell 12/02/2020 22:07
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Peggy Waters 12/02/2020 22:13
Just fantastic!
Sara Taylor 13/02/2020 17:02
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Daniela Buschner 14/02/2020 09:57
It seems that the link associated with the link doesn't work anymore. I can't view the article. Anyway, its a good thing that robotics considered to touch construction as one of its scope in the future.
Jonathan L.Leon 16/02/2020 20:37
Robots will make easy for the human being. Such as different gardening work will be solved by robots.
Ellena Michael 18/02/2020 08:46
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Jordan Stambaugh 19/02/2020 10:26
Robots will be part of our future and perhaps it will be our companion in progress and solutions.
steelen 20/02/2020 07:44
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Mikel Peterson 20/02/2020 11:18
I tried accessing the provided link above but it seems the link is broken. Anyway, ideally robots are too expensive. I'm not sure if home makers would opt for having this in the future but if in case they do, it would make their work efficient. The only downside that I anticipate is about the service cost, it would definitely go beyond the norm.
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