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Robots to build our homes...more

The future application of robotics may be wider in scope than previously thought.

Tim Hancock, 13/11/2006

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fspackleton (Guest) 01/03/2016 19:17
We have robots to clean our houses, to sweep, mop, and vacuum, like right here:

I guess it makes sense that there are robots to build houses now!
DMarek (Guest) 01/08/2016 18:36
While Robotic technology is by no means perfect yet, it does replace hard manual work in the right situations. For example, current generation Roomba vacuums take all the grunt work out of vacuuming. It uses sensors and an algorithm to determine where best to vacuum. I review one of latest models of such a vacuum at

In the construction industry, there are parts that a robot can do faster and more reliably than a human being. It's good to hear that there is progress made.

Bob Simpson (Guest) 24/10/2016 18:10
No doubt robots have invaded the construction industry - Deere and Caterpillar have made AI and robotics front-and-center in their latest business strategies. So has GE!

Robots are also rapidly taking over jobs in our:
- skies:
- homes: , and,
- factories:

None of these examples above even existed 10 yrs ago... it's amazing how fast things are happening!
Alfonso Scott (Guest) 16/11/2016 07:53
Throughout history, there have been many unique and useful cleaning inventions. From sweeping to vacuuming, and now high tech gadgets, technology is always improving. The technoogy Gadgets Thermal Cameras are cameras where images are formed with the help of infrared radiation.

Charles Thomas (Guest) 16/11/2016 11:57
The benefits of these robots are extraordinary. They can relive human beings of heavy work, maintance the cleanig services etc.
T. Manning (Guest) 04/12/2016 18:42
I see home home robotics taking over in the near future and I can't wait. I'm now reading about robot vacuum cleaners, robitic cats and dogs. I just got this robotic pool cleaner and it works wonders. I will be looking to purchase the vacuum cleaner next.
James (Guest) 09/01/2017 10:20
Robotic technology is the future. Robotic lawn mowers, robotic pool cleaners... In 100 years there will be 90% less labor jobs, but the system will have to change in order for everyone to have money and jobs. I'm not sure if we're ready yet, but who knows.

Mary (Guest) 21/02/2017 08:58
The benefits of these robots are extraordinary. They can relive human beings of heavy work, maintance the cleanig services etc.
Jeremy Jauncey (Guest) 26/02/2017 16:41
Home automation is a serious thing today and robotic vacuums are becoming a trend. Today, more and more people buy advanced smart floor cleaners to automate some of the most boring housework. For more, visit this webpage:
Tim (Guest) 14/03/2017 15:45
Using robotics in homes to take over mundane tasks is becoming more and more popular. Along with all the smart home technology, in the future even more systems will be done automatically by robots. People nowadays use robotic pool cleaners, lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners.

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