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Robots to build our homes...more

The future application of robotics may be wider in scope than previously thought.

Tim Hancock, 13/11/2006

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Kane Vilasques (Guest) 24/09/2017 09:36
smarthomes are not the future, but the present. they provide comfort and convenience in the home living. robots also actively help in the household. especially, this refers to house cleaning. robot vacuums allow homeowners to save time on maintaining the cleanliness of the floors. iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners are the leaders in this field
Rob (Guest) 24/10/2017 22:15
With all the smart home tech and robots you can buy for your home today, why not have a robot build it, too? LOL.

But seriously, I don't think robots will be building entire homes any time soon.

But... cleaning our pools? mowing our lawns? adjusting our thermostats?

That's already here:
Marun (Guest) 31/10/2017 20:36
For a long time I was looking for a vacuum cleaner for a hardwood floors, I stopped on the iRobot Braava jet 240. Here good article how to choose -
Grace (Guest) 01/12/2017 15:10
Robotics is going to become more common place in the home. You have Robot vacuums, Robot pool cleaners and even Robot lawn mowers. The smart home is here and more robotics will be introduced in the future. An added benefit is robotics provide convenience. If you are lazy like me here are a few suggestions:
Tom (Guest) 17/12/2017 05:32
Robotics is going to become more common place in the home.A humidifiers will benefits our home,bring our more comfortable.
Saun Kurt (Guest) 02/02/2018 09:19
robotic vacuum is a great technology. It's done job in very less time.
Every people who can afford should have robotic vacuum cleaner. it will save your time.
David Clark (Guest) 27/02/2018 14:52
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lIsa 03/03/2018 07:41
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Daniel (Guest) 22/03/2018 11:10
Just because robots are great at something doesn't mean it's no longer viable for humans to do. Take for example raising chickens. Its super fun and fulfilling, and comes with its own benefits. Check out for example
RPPP (Guest) 30/04/2018 14:32
Robot vacuums will be a game changer - imagne them on streets and roads. Roombas are the best atm:

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