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The aim of GFF is to develop views of the future to help clients embrace change with more certainty, thereby releasing the full power of their creativity and innovation. GFF helps its clients to reduce their risk of being blindsided by change and to be better enabled to adapt to the fast changing world. It does this through collaborative projects and through undertaking its own research, gathering thought leaders’ views of the future and forming composite ideas of what our future could look like. GFF clients number some of the largest and most prestigious firms around the world. 

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David Smith is an international keynote speaker. He develops targetted presentatiions to support his clients event objectives.

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I just wanted to add my personal thanks for your outstanding contribution to our Annual Conference last week. Your presentation was one of the highlights of a fascinating day, and left me feeling generally optimistic about the future for marketers and marketing.
Hugh Burkitt, The Marketing Society
"David is one of the world's leading authorities on a wide variety of global trends. He leads a powerful research team and is a fascinating speaker. He has helped some of the largest multinationals to identify and respond to significant trends and is much sought after for his advice."
Patrick Dixon, Chairman, Global Change
David Smith presented at The Forum yesterday on: Technology Will Disrupt and Change The Shape of General Insurance, he is a tremendous speaker and full to the brim with ideas about how the future will be transformational. Afterwards he showed me the formidable report he was commissioned to write by Steria, called simply ‘The Future’.
Andrew Porter, Vice Chairman, The Financial Services Forum
I wanted to send you a short email to say thanks very much for participating at the Jobs Summit.  It was commented upon that your contribution was particularly interesting so I am really grateful that you took the time to join us. Thanks again and best wishes.
Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA (Royal Society of Arts)

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Global Futures and Foresight (GFF) is a futures research organisation. It specialises in identifying the key trends impacting on organisations in the near future and identifies their likely impact. Output is often in the form of reports, presentations, slide decks, webinars or videos. Recent reports include:

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David – I wanted to personally write and thank you for the effort you put forward on our client survey. Your professionalism and ability to keep us focused and work to tight deadlines meant that our clients received superb value.  And, as always, your presentation style really hit the mark!
Clare McCarthy, Chief Executive, Shirlaws International

David, I just wanted to let you know that the three White Paper series on the future of the Insurance industry, 'Challenge to Change' has been the most downloaded thought leadership our organisation has ever had. Thank you.
James Maudslay, Head of Insurance. Equinix


Having identified the external forces impacting on an organisation GFF helps uits clients identify how to factor them into their strategy. It does this through traditional strategy development and also specialised methods it developed over the past decade of helping organisations.

GFF can help organisations identify how their personnel are likely to respond to change and how organisations por departments are positioned to change. The GFF 'NEXT. methodology is powerful because it uses the same framework to assess both the organisation and individuals in the organisation. The ELM - Entrepreneur, Leader, Manager tool helps individuals know their response to change: 


European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Just to thank you for your contribution for these 2 days – you have been instrumental in ensuring that both workshop and reporting at plenary goes well, under quite stressful conditions I realize. Looking forward to have another opportunity working with you again.
Pierre Chastanet, European Commission , Directorate General Information Society and Media

It was great to meet you and thank you for being such an excellent Chair yesterday at the trends conference. I think your work is very interesting and really enjoyed the way you presented.
Karen Fraser, Director, CREDOS

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GFF ICON was created by Slobodan, an artist living in NIce, France. He paints on the reverse side of glass. So he has to paint the buttons on a coat before the coat - a challenging process and certainly one that requires him to consider what he's going to do in the 'future' of creating his painting - as there's no going back over what's already painted.

The ICON depicts three children, who are our future, looking out into the distance across the earth in different directions from different positions.

In the same way we have perspectives on the world depending upon our location and circumstances and the direction we are looking.

So much more insight can be brought to bare by looking a little wider into the same future but from different standpoints. This is what GFF brings to it's clients. Enhanced context for the future and foresight on the environment we will soon be operating in and the means to factor that into your strategy.